Sohel F Fidai :IMG-20180517-WA0084

Lina Lutfia a 28yrs Indonesian girl also fondlyknown as Lina Mukherjee in Indonesia is a big bollywood buff and is aware of all the happenings in bollywood world. She can understand and converse in hindi very well after watching all these bollywood films from many years.IMG-20180517-WA0083

Lina said ” I am fondly known as Lina Mukherjee because i ran Rani Mukherjee’s fan club here in Indonesia. I have a very big rani’s fan club and do lots of activities here.”IMG-20180517-WA0081

Lina is a well known figure in Indonesia and known for her work as a model, Anchor and a brand to exchange culture between India and Indonesia.


Lina can sing hindi songs very well and also dance to its tunes, but this has not comeup so easily for Lina, it has taken many years of hardwork and patience to reach this position.She visits India every month to meet these film stars and for her other work.IMG-20180517-WA0080

Home and home is where you grew up and grew up. Every corner of the house and town where you live keeps memories that are not easily forgotten. Reluctant to leave friends, family, and all romance with the beloved city. In addition, staying at home with the accompaniment of both parents makes you never feel deprived. All the needs and facilities are all well prepared.

A piece of the poem shows the number of people who do not want to leave the comfort zone, but not a few people who are willing to leave the comfort zone to pick up success, one of them is a woman who has this Javanese blood named Lina Lutfia (28) or known Lina Mukherjee with reckless capital because she wanted to change hes life, she went to Jakarta, because for her Jakarta was the center of government and the economy offers a million dreams for the citizens of the region, so that it is likely to change Lina’s life.

“Eight years ago I tuh live in Borneo, was born in Java with the condition can not in Java finally my parents took transmigration at the age of 2 years including the baby yes, after that live in Kalimantan wander with economic limitations and can say not able, “Lina said.

In addition, when Lina was still sitting in school, she had to sell tempe, sell oranges, and sell eggs, it’s all done just to finish school, although economic limitations do not make Lina discouraged to continue to her education until scholars, not only that Lina also while returning from school whould help her mother who happened to sell yellow rice.

“Incidentally my father has a duck pain, I have a lot of siblings, and after school I had to wash my clothes, help my mother sell yellow rice,” she said.


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